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Granite Laser Engraving

Include a personal touch using laser engraving; whether you want to add an image or text, laser engraving lasts forever, without fading or scratching. Preserve a lasting memory on pristine black granite; each piece is permanently engraved and will never fade. Granite memorials are not only elegant but extremely durable.

Detailed end result

Using a laser that is controlled by a computer, we are able to accurately engrave natural stone; the engraving is done with a high-quality laser engraver. The laser embeds text and images within the surface of the natural stone with unbelievable detail and accuracy
By simply providing us with the picture, image, text or scenery that you wish to have engraved, we will accurately reproduce it by laser engraving in precision detail.
Laser engraving allows us to reproduce the very details of the item provided by scanning your photo or image and then etching it into the natural stone.

Hand etched look and colour
If you are seeking a more rustic end product, we can give the laser engraving a hand etched look; we can also use paint in order to make the etching more colourful and dynamic.

View our gallery of laser engraved memorials in order to see what we can accomplish; be sure to visit us so that we can help you make a unique, lasting and personalized memorial.

Black granite tombstones

Granite laser engraving can be done on a variety of dark granites, but the best results are obtained when using black granite. Engraving is permanent, aesthetically pleasing and will stand out best on black granite.


Granite tombstone with laser engraving

Laser engraving allows a picture or a text to be etched into the granite with precision detail and accuracy; provide us with the image you which to engrave and we will make it last forever. 


Laser engraved pheasant scene

This pheasant scene etched into a granite tombstone is only one of many extremely detailed scenes that we can realize using laser engraving. Let us show you what else we can do, come and visit us.


Bluebirds painted laser engraving

This painted bluebirds image has been laser engraved on granite; if you wish, we can add colour to your laser engraved image, increasing its uniqueness and liveliness.


Granite laser engraving head stones

Granite laser engraving can be done on a few varieties of dark granite and light granite. Let us show you what else we can do, come and visit us.