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New arrival of stone for constrution ! ANSA This stone is a limestone , we cant do thin stone for walls ,dry walls ,natural paves ramdom broken. · read more
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Tombstones & Memorials

Granite McCutcheon has been manufacturing tombstones and granite memorials for over 15 years. Our production facility has evolved into a high tech work space which enables us to cut natural stone into any shape imaginable; using the latest in carving and laser engraving technologies; we can personalize monuments and memorials with extreme detail and precision, ensuring that each is unique.

Although our facility and our equipment have evolved, we, at Granite McCutcheon, have not lost sight of the personal implication and meaning of a proper monument to commemorate a loved one, a family, an organization or an event.

It is important to never forget that a tombstone or a memorial is an item that helps us to remember, to gather and to take the time to focus on a special person or to recall an event; whether this physical monument is conventional or more modern, we will take the time to listen to your needs in order to ensure that the everlasting monument is done with accuracy and care.

When it comes to manufacturing and designing tombstones and granite memorials, the possible shapes and designs are as unique as the natural stones that are used to make them; marble and granite are available in varying hues and colours.

Granite McCutcheon can make your monument as exceptional and personal as you request; visit us, we can show you some of the many selections we offer, from different natural stones, colours, shapes and sizes, as well as available choices for carving and laser engraving the stone. Whether traditional or contemporary, Granite McCutcheon can fulfill your wishes.


Franklin Park, Michigan memorial

A commemorative memorial situated at Franklin Park, Michigan.


The memorials respectively represent the Army, Air force, Navy, Coast Guard and Marines.Army, Air force, Navy, Coast Guard and Marine



Public Columbarium

Public Columbarium 64 place


US Army memorial

US Army memorial


Laser engraved with the US Army’s logo and names.


Granite family memorial

A uniquely shaped granite family memorial which sits on a pedestal; the monument is carved and engraved with cross detail and names of family members.


Family Memorial

A family memorial made with columns and a banner sitting on a dark granite and stone pedestal.