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Landscaping Stone Supplier

Granite McCutcheon is a landscape stone supplier with a wide inventory of supplies of Natural stone. Stone as a landscaping medium is increasing in use with landscape architects and contractors. Custom walls and walkways, flower beds, and garden walls are some of its use. Not only for commercial landscape projects, but for homeowners who want a custom a look that will last forever. We offer a full line of Landscape stone supplies in our yard with a helpful and knowledgeable staff. With years of experience in the stone industry we have ability to help you find the perfect stone for that project. As well give you the knowledge to build your landscaping project. Being a Landscape stone supplier our inventory changes on a daily basis. We invite you to visit us today, and give us a chance to earn your business and become your landscaping stone supplier.

Types of natural stones

At Granit McCutcheon, we can supply you with the following types of natural stones:
- Sandstone
- Slate
- Limestone
- Granite
- Flagstone
Please visit our Natural Stone Supplier page for more information on each type of natural stones that are offered.



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Natural stone furniture

A natural stone bench or table makes the perfect garden accessory, offering both uniqueness and functionality. Each piece of furniture offers nature-inspired qualities that shall never to be duplicated. Natural stone furniture can be used inside or outside your home and are sure to add to the natural beauty of your home.

The attractiveness of natural stone furniture is merely rivalled by its capacity to withstand the elements of time. Each piece offers a beautiful addition to any landscape.

The most common natural stones that are used to make furniture are: sandstone and limestone.
Limestone table with natural legs

Natural stone patios

A natural stone patio can be added to complement an existing deck, accommodate your table and chairs; a patio can be simple of elaborate, stairs, walls or flower beds can be incorporated into the design depending on your needs and your wishes.

The types of natural stones most often used to make patios surfaces are:
- slate and flagstone.


Natural Stone Veneers

Natural stone veneer can be used in a variety of products and projects. Stone veneers are produced in a range of textures, from rough to polished, and various sizes and colours; according to the look your are seeking and the project you have in mind, choosing the right veneer will accentuate the natural beauty of your project.


Come and visit us. Let us put our years our experience working with natural stone to good use; allow us to help you select the best natural stone for your veneer project in order to contribute to the timeless beauty of your home.


Natural Slate Steps

The use of natural stone will add a functional, yet beautiful addition to your backyard, or to your front entrance. Natural stone treads and slabs can be used to create steps that will break up a retaining wall, access your front door or ease the walk down in the slope of your backyard.

Depending on your existing decor and the look you are seeking, we can help you plan out your project and select the best stone.

The following stones are most selected to build outdoor steps:
- granite, flagstone and slate.


Natural stone retaining walls

A natural stone wall is a retaining wall which is made without using mortar or other materials to hold the wall in place; using cut stones, the wall holds in place through the friction and the weight of the piled up stones.
Natural stone walls provide for a natural look and are resistant; the stones will never rot and allow water to seep through, limiting the pressure that is put on the wall.
The following stones are often used to build retaining walls:
- Sandstone, slate, limestone and granite, and ardoise

Natural stone flower beds

Stone flower beds will allow you to define an area in your yard, either around a tree, near your patio, or along the entrance way.

We would be happy to help you select the appropriate stone and colour; shape and size for your flower beds that will enhance your property and match the look of your home.

Natural stone walkways and paths

When creating ways and paths, natural stones will provide a natural beauty and add to the finished look of your home. Whether you are creating a pathway leading to your front entrance, or to the back patio, come and see us; we will help you choose the perfect stone and pathway design in order to realize the perfect design that you have been dreaming about.
Walkways and paths are most often made from the following stones:
sandstone, slate and flagstone.